Here Is The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Reach-line’s products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, satellite, radar, ships, gantry and communications network equipment and base station construction etc. We develop new product for customers, welcome to OEM products.

Why Choose Us?2022-11-05T21:38:23+08:00
  1. More than 3000 kinds of products, 200 customers from 30 countries choose us.
  2. More than 10 years working experience in RF industry.
  3.  Will be your best partner in China. With more than 10 years of experience, we are ready to supply your requests
  4. Best understanding about your requirement, and recommend the suitable products for your project. Good communication with customers and transfer customer’s requirement to our engineers in time.
  5. Quotation sheet& data sheet will be provided to avoid the misunderstanding.
How long is your lead-time?2022-11-05T21:46:26+08:00

It depends.

We have thousands of standard stock products. They are Fast delivery & Huge stock items. We could ship out within 1-3 working days.

For the new connector products, the lead-time will be 2-3 weeks.

For the RF components, the lead-time will be 4-5 weeks.

If urgent, we will do our best to meet your project requirements.

If we start our cooperation, How will you help us to build our business?2022-11-05T21:59:43+08:00

Whether you are an established company or just another startup company starting out.

Whether you work at a 1000 sq ft corner office with a 100, 000 sq ft warehouse in the back or basement of your home, you’ll need a reliable partner in China.

Why? Because we are 24/7. All time zones friendly.

Can you do OEM&ODM service?2022-11-05T22:00:05+08:00

Both are available.

We have OEM Factory to manufacture your design products, with your company logo/packing if require. Meanwhile, we have our ODM products with neutral package.


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