Inspection Standards

As a Precision Coaxial RF & Microwave/mmWave PRODUCTS solution leader, quality control is our top priority.

  • Use the most suitable materials

  • Keep the cost down

  • Comprehensive raw material records

  • All the records are traceable

  • Produce the high-quality RF product

  • 100% test with test plot

  • Quality guarantee

Inspection Process

Step 1: Incoming Quality Control

Incoming Materials Inspection

Handling Identified Quality Issues

Feedback on Quality Issues

100% Qualified before Shippment

Step 2: In-Process Quality Control

Inspection flow chart

Functional Testing

Step 3: Final Quality Control

The circuit continuity test can tell us whether the circuit between two RF components is connected.

Digital Multi Meter

Dielectric Withstand Voltage Tester is a device that performs dielectric strength test on various high-voltage electrical equipment, electrical components, and insulating materials under power frequency or DC high voltage.

Insulation Resistance Tester

The dial indicator is used to test whether the interface is consistent with the requirements of the drawing and ensure that it is within a reasonable tolerance range.

Dial Indicator

Used to test the frequency, VSWR, return loss and other electrical paraments.

Network Analyzer

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